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Personal Injury – An Overview

Personal injury law involves civil claims in which an individual is injured through the negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct of another person, a company, or property owner. A personal injury lawsuit may arise from physical or emotional injuries. Personal injury law compensates individuals injured as a result of another's negligence or intentional misconduct. When you have been injured because of the negligence or misconduct of another person, you need information about your rights and your options. Our attorneys have been advising and helping people after an accident for many years. We have the knowledge and the resources to handle any type of injury or wrongful death case, and have won many verdicts and settlements to compensate clients for their injuries. If you have been injured, contact us today.

Automobile Accidents

In an instant, a car accident can change the entire course of your life. The most common type of personal injury case in our court system today is a result of auto accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every 10 seconds, someone in the United States is involved in a car accident.  At our firm, we believe that negligent parties should be held accountable for their actions. Our team of respected personal injury and wrongful death attorneys has been helping car accident victims and their families in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada for over 25 years. We provide effective legal help for the victims of carelessness.

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Wrongful Death

 The death of a loved one is always a terrible loss and no financial settlement can compensate you for that. However, if the death is caused by another person or a company, the law gives rights of recovery to the surviving spouse or children and to the estate. We help you file your Las Vegas wrongful death claim and help preserve those rights.

Our commitment is to see to it that you receive the maximum fair compensation for your loss so that you can provide for your needs. Our hope is that, with our help, you will be in a position to once again build a life of happiness. As a comprehensive personal injury and wrongful death law firm, we frequently handle complex and significant cases. We are proud of our record of success in standing up for the rights of families like yours who have lost so much. For over 25 years, our firm has fought for justice of wrongful death victims in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

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Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents can have catastrophic consequences because of the sheer size and weight of the average commercial truck.  Unfortunately, a commercial truck is a difficult vehicle to control, with poor visibility and brakes compared to the average car. Truckers making wide turns often may not even realize they are sideswiping a car or motorcycle. Our attorneys will pursue these cases aggressively and will fight to protect the interests of our clients in court. We work with experts and investigators to uncover factors that may have contributed to the accident.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike other types of motor vehicles, motorcycles offer practically no protection in the event of an accident.  Because of this, motorcycle riders stand to face serious injuries if they collide with another vehicle or object. Almost 2,000 people are killed and another 50,000 injured every year in motorcycle accidents in the United States. Amazingly, 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents involve injury or death. Additionally, motorcyclists are four times as likely to be injured or killed in a crash as are the occupants of automobiles.

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Catastrophic Injuries

If you or someone you love has suffered a catastrophic injury due to someone else's fault, we understand the tragedy that has occurred. A catastrophic accident usually leaves the victim with life-altering injuries. Paraplegia, back injuries, brain damage, amputation, and spinal cord injuries all require expensive medical treatment and physical rehabilitation. Serious injuries can also result in the need for life-long care and ongoing rehabilitation services.

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Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes are supposed to ensure that grandparents or elderly parents get the best care possible when we are unable to be there for our loved ones. Nursing homes are supposed to be supportive and nurturing. When a negligent act by a nursing home caregiver includes emotional, physical, sexual abuse, abandonment, this is neglect. Most elderly victims are incapable of defending themselves or reporting mistreatment. The Las Vegas nursing home negligence attorneys of our firm represent victims of both abuse or exploitation and neglect amounting to mistreatment in residential care settings.

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Dog Bites

About five million people are bitten, attacked, or mauled by dogs every year in the United States. Nearly one million of these people have to visit a doctor or go to an emergency room to receive medical care for their injuries. If you live in Las Vegas or in the State of Nevada, and you have suffered injuries after being bitten or attacked by a dog or another animal, our law offices will help you understand your legal rights.

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Premises Liability

If you have been harmed or injured in an accident on someone else’s property, you may be eligible to file a premises liability lawsuit if the property was negligently maintained or conditions at the property were unreasonably dangerous. The Las Vegas premises liability attorneys at our law firm will handle cases resulting from slip and fall accidents as well as lawsuits arising from unsafe conditions or insufficient warning of danger. When property owners or occupants in Las Vegas or throughout Nevada are negligent, a premises liability attorney from our firm can hold them responsible for their actions

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Pedestrian Accidents

At our law firm, we know pedestrians are easily the most vulnerable people on our roads. In fact, every eight minutes a pedestrian is hurt in a traffic accident adding up to 65,000 injuries a year. And 5,000 or more pedestrians die every year in pedestrian accidents. Sadly, more than a third of the victims are young children and teens. Because of the nature of the accident, even a slow moving vehicle weighing several tons can do a lot of physical damage to the fragile human body. Injuries can vary between simple bruising, fractures and broken bones. Serious injuries can include internal injuries, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and many others.

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Train Accidents

When train accidents occur there are often catastrophic events that affect the lives of many people. If you or a loved one has been involved in a train accident, you may be eligible to recover damages for medical bills, continued care costs as well as and pain and suffering. Contact the experienced Las Vegas train accident attorneys for a free consultation to review your claim. After a detailed case evaluation, we can help you pursue an aggressive strategy to ensure that those responsible for your train accident injury or loss are made to pay for their negligence.

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